One of only a handful of Getty exhibited photographers shooting wedding photography in the UK today.

One of the UK's finest wedding photographers. (Hitched)

"BLOODY BRILLIANT. You're so talented!! You really nailed it!" (Charlene)

Welcome to my website. Echoing the immortal words of Michael Jackson "I’m a lover not a fighter” I’m a wedding photographer not a writer! So I’ll try not to hit you with too much jibba jabba straight off. The best place to start is by hitting the My Style menu option and you'll get a good feel for my wedding photography and whether you like my style! If so, that's great. You can then delve deeper if you'd like to by clicking on most of the photos and link thingys.


Based in Solihull near Birmingham I photograph weddings in the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and most of central England.

The photos of the above happy love birds are from my free pre wed practice shoots. Great aren't they. These make a mahoosive difference to your wedding photos on the day. Details @ Loved Up.
Also free with my all day package is a stunning slideshow of your wedding photos set to music - see an example here.