“Cause it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. Is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice. Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you.”

Bruno Mars

My all day wedding package includes a FREE Loved Up couples photo shoot that allows you to feel more comfortable with being professionally photographed. It gives us a chance to get to know each other a bit better, so that on your wedding day (I’m not saying we’re going to be new best friends!) you’re not dealing with a Photographer you’ve never met before. Feel awkward in front of a camera? Don’t like having your photo taken? Don’t worry, one of my main strengths is posing and interacting with couples so they feel more comfortable having their photo taken.

Look at the following images to see what I mean, see the smiles, look at the laughter, the sparkle in their eyes, see the genuine emotion. You can almost feel the lurve! I’m so good at posing and gently guiding couples (hey I’m a wedding photographer, that’s my job) most of these guys I’d only met half an hour before!

Young couple to be in romantic pose
a pre wed practice shoot of an engaged couple
a couple practicing wedding poses before wedding

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